東海大學資訊工程學系-專題演講-學期演講-[106.11.01]INNOVATIVE Silver-Bullet Research for Software Engineering

[106.11.01]INNOVATIVE Silver-Bullet Research for Software Engineering

  • 單位 : 網路組
  • 分類 : 學期演講
  • 點閱 : 727
  • 日期 : 2017-10-19

 題INNOVATIVE Silver-Bullet Research for Software Engineering

Since "No Silver Bullet - Essence and Accident in Software Engineering" was published by Fred Brooks in 1986, many software engineering techniques have been invented to address the problem. As the scale of software systems becomes larger and complicated nowadays, the software engineering problems are often exacerbated by the ignorance to the essence of programming. Building a long lasting and easily maintainable product is seldom made as a critical goal to pursuit. Programmers’ worst nightmares, in terms of debugging, testing, maintenance, etc., are only getting worse. In this talk, we will introduce some innovative research results in test automation, debugging visualization, concurrency testing, and agile documentation. These research tools were developed to ease the pain of programmers in the beginning but some of them have been adopted by companies.