History and Current Status

The department of Computer Science was established in 1981 under the Business College, and enrolled in a single class. After subordinate to Science College in 1982, the department was changed to be subordinate in Technology College in 2007. In 1986, the recruit of students was changed to two classes, there were total of 120 students recruited every year. In 1998, students enrolled in master class, and every academic year 25 students are recruited. In 2000, the department started recruiting the Professional Master\'s class, and recruited about 30 students every academic year. In 2002, the department started recruiting Extension School students of bachelor\'s class, and expected to recruit 60 students every academic year. The department totally recruits 180 new students every year. Belonging to one of the focal departments of TungHai University, the department has total 920 students, and there are about 4,100 graduate students in 35 academic years. IT graduate talents trained by the department are widely and highly appreciated at home and abroad by academia and industrial circles, and the graduates will emerge in the job market and play an important role. Currently, the department is actively preparing for the doctoral program and applying for passing the certification of engineering education.

Regarding to teaching faculty, teachers\' structure is intact at present in the department, and there are 19 full-time teachers now, including 9 professors, 7 associate professors, and 3 assistant professors. The full-time teachers of the department have a wealth of professional and practical experience so that they can play a teacher\'s teaching, research and counseling role. Teachers’ expertise to the department can cover the field of development, such as software engineering, information security, network and multimedia, embedded systems, and in accordance with the development of the field forming research group. Three undergraduate programs, i.e. Software Engineering, Information & Electrical Engineering and Digital Innovation, are designed for students whose major interest is in computer science. The department also encourages students to pursue further studies abroad, and to provide outlets for applications and assistance, and in addition to increasing student learning experiences, students can also develop an international perspective. With our programs for the Master Degree, we aim at training a group of professional computer engineers to teach or conduct research in the future.