Department Characteristics

At present time when domestic efforts promote upgrading industrial information, whether in academia or industry are required of high-quality information on R & D talent. The department is committed to developing research of higher academy and new science and technology, and trains advanced expertise with the exchange and cooperation of the industry circle, domestic and international academia to assist the domestic industry to upgrade technology. With the new generation of software engineering technology, Internet applications and the rapid development of biological information, and measuring the future development of information technology and the co-ordination of existing resources, the department formulates the following areas as a priority direction of development:

Information and Electrical Engineering field

The department in cooperation with the department of Electrical Engineering actively cultivates “Information Engineering” and “Electrical Engineering” cross-field professionals to provide solid system software, computer structure, electronics, embedded system, SOC chip and so on. The students trained out possess design capability to integrate the software and hardware, and will become future designers of next hot generation of SOC chip and the embedded system.

Digital Innovative Applications Field

Hopefully uniting the advantage of the hardware industries of Taiwan with development capacity of many kinds of technology, and through integrating cross-field technologies and developing digital innovative application, the department
will play an important role of ‘Define Future’. The digital innovative application needs to integrate technologies such as the multimedia, wireless network, sensor and remote control rod, intelligent hand-held device, embedded system, hardware design, software application and development, and digital content innovation, etc.. Such innovation applications not only take place in the world of the toy but also begin to ferment in every field from recreation, medical treatment, sport, building, military to multimedia, which can see several possible digital innovative applications.

Software Engineering Field

 Among 14 directors of Taiwan Software Engineer Institute, the teachers of the department occupy 3 members. At the same time, one of teachers is in charge of planning the National Science Council-led software engineering field, and one is with CMMI auditor, part-time director of software quality association, and another teacher has a more than five related patents.

Information Security Field

A number of teachers have a pretty good research results in the information security and the area of digital content protection in the department. In recent years, the department organized several field of information security-related workshop, teachers advise their students to take part in information security competitions and also a good performance. In the intercollegiate contest of “Golden Shield Award” for information security, the students have three consecutive entries, and stand out Championship twice, and the first runner-up once from the 50 elite group of schools (including National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University and other schools).