Education Focus Points

>>  Department Education Goals  <<

Facing the new century unfolded, information engineering undergraduate professional not only must be more and more in depth, and horizontal spread to other areas of integration and development also attract more and more attention. In other words, a new generation of information engineer must have expertise in precise learning capability of undergraduate courses; when faced with the integration of different fields, it is important to have the analysis of problems and problem-solving abilities; when cooperating with the other teams one must have the right work ethic and attitude; when facing new challenges, one must be able to self-learning and growth; when facing global competitions, one must possess a good international perspective and ability to interact. The professional personnel cultivated in compliance with the above conditions of information technology will help upgrading the domestic information industry standards, but also provide the nation, society and enterprise informationization with the required and advanced IT talent, which is exactly the main spirit of making educational goals of this department.

The educational objective of this department is to foster national and social construction, as well as advanced IT talent needed by information industry.
The educational objectives based on this school: “possessing independent critical thinking, analytical skills, good teamwork and problem-solving abilities”, “being able to appreciate the arts, culture, and having cognition of history and life - connotation of people”, “confidence to enter the international and multi-cultural working environment, and essential in the community to assume responsibility”, “respect for the meaning of life and care services habit, and the ability and willingness to have an ongoing life-long learning”, as well as the educational goals of technical institute:
“cultivating students with professional foundation and logical thinking ability”
“nurturing students with engineering ethics and humanity education quality”,
“fostering students of graduate institutes to possess research capability”, and in principle, the educational objectives of this department are established, and its content is as follows:
I. Cultivate IT professionals needed by industrial and the academic circles
The graduates of the department should have sufficient professional skills and technical ability to cope with employment or research in the future.
II. Cultivate scientific analysis and problem-solving ability
The graduates of this department should possess objectively the ability to ponder over the question, and at the same time they can decompose the question scientifically and find the viable solution. Regardless of whether the problem is solved or not, ones can repeatedly verify and analyze the relationship of before and after, then amend the practice, and cumulate capacity of their own at the same time.
III. Cultivate the pursuit of self-study and growth of enthusiasm
The graduates of the department should be proactive and interested in learning ability even after leaving school, but also develop a self-reading knowledge, and the habit and ability to pursuit new technologies.
IV. Foster the right work ethic and attitude
The graduates of the department should have team spirit, and understand the basic work ethic at the same time.
V. Cultivate an international perspective and ability to interact
The graduates of this department should possess the foreign language of science and technology, but also on their own can capture the international culture and industry related knowledge. In the globalization trend, ones should possess the ability to communicate, interact and cooperate with the foreign group.

>>  The students at graduation have to possess the core competencies  <<

The education goals of the department and the graduates should possess the following core competency. This core competency is engineering and technology education certification norms AC2004 + extension, designed and integrated through the Department Engineering and Technology Education and Certification committee, the course and studying committee, engineering authentication consulting committee, and the teachers of all school departments basing on integrating educational objective, course planning and industry requirements.
1. Ability to apply mathematics, science, engineering and information technology knowledge 
2. Ability to analyze questions and to define demands
3. Ability to design and implement components or technologies required by systems
4. Ability to employ the necessary tools required for practical applications
5. Ability to co-ordinate and implement the engineering and management
6. Ability to cooperate with the team and understand the professional ethics
7. Ability to absorb new scientific and technological knowledge, and industry dynamic 
8. Ability to build up the expression of science and technology