Curriculum Characteristic

Study Process Planning

In addition to formal university education, students of the department may choose to attend professional study process, and aims of study process is to lay the foundation for software professionals, computer professionals and computer networking professionals so to enhance employment skills and expertise, increase job competition edge, promote industry-academy research cooperation , and cultivate talents. The department planned in the past software engineering study process, computer hardware and embedded systems study process, and the computer networking study process, total three study processes, which have been implemented for many years, and receives fruitful results; in next academic year 98 the department will adjust the direction of study processes, and match the cross-field development of the department with industry-academy cooperation to re-plan study processes which will be divided into three groups: electrical information, digital creativity, and software engineering. Through the study process and divided elective courses group will allow students to learn more professionally in the department.

Five-year consistent study

To enhance the competitiveness of students, the good students are encouraged to apply for the five-year consistent study at university to study bachelor and master degree so that this program allows students directly obtain bachelor and master degrees in five years period.
Planning ahead of time for students to study or academic research, in a short period of time students can be equipped with sufficient and perfect professional competence, and can have best performance whether to pursue further studies or to enter the job market.

IEET engineering and technology education certification

“Engineering and technology education certification” bases “results-oriented” as the spirit of great importance to student learning outcomes, to assess whether the department achieve the established education goals , and whether graduates are equipped with the foundation of professional core competencies when entering the job market, and through their participation in engineering and technology education certification will enhance the department, make in line with international standards, keep pace with first-class universities at home and abroad , and also enable graduates to gain recognition at the international academic circle or job market.

Core competencies of the department:
1. Ability to apply math, science, engineering and information technology knowledge 
2. Ability to analyze problems and define needs 
3. Equipped with required technical capacity to design and Implement components or systems
4. Ability to use the tools required by practical application 
5. Ability to cope and implement project management 
6. Teamwork and communication skills 
7. Ability to absorb scientific and technological knowledge and respond to industry dynamically
8. Setting up the ability to express the language of science and technology