Other Advantages

Student activities and competition results


The school provides various types of scholarships for students to apply for, the amount of more than 20 million, including the school budget, fund interest and units of donated scholarships, and more than 300 kinds of projects, which are categorized as: excellent academic performance (mainly in academic performance for the issuance of standard), excellent performance (including work-study, community service outstanding, etc.), needy scholarship (by their family conditions for the issuance of standards, more than three million every year), enrollment incentives (divided into the bachelor and master classes), faculty scholarship (the all departments setting up excellent scholarships), out-of-school scholarships (out-of-school group units provided scholarships ). New students can may also apply for the elite admission scholarships, and the winning students will receive tuition remission, will also be able to be recommended in priority base as exchange students, and obtain the professor individual guidance and opportunities to participate in research projects. In addition, at the second semester of academic year 97 the university also began the implementation of relief grants, and detailed information can refer to (this web page); in addition, the department also set up scholarships provided by the department, except that NT$ 600,000 of part-time graduate teaching assistants a year, and the elite scholarship program provide students applying for scholarships and the opportunity to visit abroad.

Academic Competition Results

2008 Excellent group work awarded for telecommunication value-added software competition for 3G campus network application
2008 First place awarded for information security skill Jindun competition among all university institutions of the nation
2008 Second place awarded for software system design and creativity category competition among all national campuses
2007 First place awarded for information security skills Jindun competition among all university institutions of the nation
2007 Second place awarded for telecommunication value-added software competition for the Internet community platform development group
2006 Creativity awarded for thematic research programs of National Science Council
2006 Second place awarded for information security skills Jindun competition among all university institutions of the nation
2006 Excellent work awarded for master and doctor thesis of Information Institute of the Republic of China
2006 Second place awarded for telecommunication value-added software competition for campus network application
2005 Excellent work award for campus communication technology thematic study competition among all university institutes of the nation
2005 First place awarded for 9th ‘Philips Challenge Cup’ extra-curricular academic science and technology competition among university students
2005 Excellent group work awarded for Chunghwa Telecom telecommunication value-added software competition for campus network application

Student Activity

Apart from homework assistance provided by the department, “Department Society” is also composed by students of self-government organization to help freshmen adapt to college life, and organizes various activities to maintain and carry forward the friendship between the student united spirit of mutual assistance and cooperation. “Department Society” every year organizes activities such as: New Year tea party, New Year camping, Christmas tea, Department roast, Java Cup inter-class sports competitions, IT Week, Information Technology night, Warcraft Cup video game competitions, etc… In addition, there are all kinds of department-sponsored ball games of department teams, taking part in various types of cup from time to time in order to compete to win the honor for personal and department.

Industrial Cooperation and International Exchange

Except that the department has popular acclaim in the field of academy and education, the department also has some achievements the other schools can't compare with.
Such as the software company to which the department has successful transferred technology has been prepared to OTC; practical cooperation with software companies, including IBM, Microsoft, Data System, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry etc.; e-application by joining industry-university cooperation includes industries such as China trust, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., MediaTek , Powerchip Semiconductor , ProMos Technologies , Siliconware, etc.. In addition, in order to allow students to know and have access to IT industry, each semester holds Industry Summit Forum, invite industry veteran to the department to share their experiences and communicate, and an informal discussion with teachers and students to know the areas of information in a variety of industries sector development and application. As for the CSIE department of Tunghai University in cooperation with industry, it is definitely the best model.
The department also encourages students to pursue further studies abroad, and to provide outlets for applications and assistance, and in addition to increasing student learning experiences, students can also develop an international perspective.
Currently, the department has exchanged students with Xiamen, Fudan, and Jilin University of China, and in the future it will add Peking University and the opportunity to communicate with United States and India; in addition, the university and the Temple University of United States also have dual degrees system cooperation to provide students with greater opportunities to pursue further studies abroad.

Burson-Marsteller College

Burson-Marsteller college promotes "focus on accommodation, special courses, master instructor" as the characteristics of university education for Tunghai University. In academic year 97 the school will start student enrollment with “firmly rooted in Tunghai, eye on world” education goals, recruit students thirsty for knowledge, caring about society and the human ultimate value, and hope through being polished by Burson-Marsteller education to cultivate the courage of their own awareness, honesty integrity and possessing a practical personality to innovate. Burson-Marsteller College is equipped with the exclusive dormitory where freshman and sophomore students live collective, and mentor teams take turns to stay overnight there to participate in counseling student and actively encourage students to participate in college activities. Burson-Marsteller College practices small classes in accordance with the characteristics of students’ expertise and characteristics, and emphasize the study effectiveness and generalist habit so every 10 students have one professor. In addition, the freshman and sophomore co-compulsory “Burson-Marsteller college general education courses” has increased 12 credits, well-known and authoritative speakers master have invited to the school monthly for guidance, and at the same time students with equivalent research and creativity are arranged during winter and summer vacation to University of Maryland, Florida State University and California State University of United States and other top universities to study abroad to guaranteed 100% employment or schooling opportunities after graduation.。

Eligibility criteria: the recommendation, application and the top three distributed based on examination have the opportunity to gain admission to Burson-Marsteller College of Tunghai University.